The ministry presents a unique opportunity for service and outreach.  First watch Ministries supports outreach in our immediate community and has ministries in Africa and the Philippines. 

Please Help us to help those in need!

First Watch Ministries Church

​"To Equip the saints to do the work of ministry" Eph. 4:12

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First Watch Ministries is made up of godly men, women and children who pour out the love and mercy of Jesus Christ on His saints who find themselves homeless, abused, prostituted, mentally ill and often thrown away by society.  


when people are in need, we are there lending a hand, a smile, and an encouraging word.




Providing for the felt needs of others is a key part of our mission.  Giving food is also essential to supporting  good health.


Our Church is established by longstanding ties of loving families of all walks of life.  Our members are connected through fellowship with Christ and bonded by love and  peace.


Many of our members face significant life challenges some culminating in homelessness.   We are blessed to worship among one of the most loving, kind and diverse communities in the valley.